Our Governor’s Inn was the first built in the historic district of Colonia del Sacramento, located in the Plaza de Armas, D. Manuel Lobo. This Plaza use to be the square of the Fortress of San Gabriel, surrounded by the Main Church, the Government Palace and the Guards Corps. These days, in this square people can appreciate the ruins of the House, seat of the Portuguese Governors. As Architect Miguel Angel  Odriozola (1) once said, this section is a clear example of so-called “integrated areas”, as a perfect reunion of Portuguese, Spanish and Creole architecture, all in one. In fact, the Inn was extended and refurbished according to a 1981 project of Architect Odriozola.

The original house dates back to the 19th century, it has a neoclassical colonial style and it’s façade overlooks to the pedestrian walk. From the terrace, with its originalornamentated railing, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the Square.

The present building is set over the underlying ruins of the City Mall and the Moat. The refurbishment respected the original structure of the house, keeping the large spaces in the ground level, adding the rooms in the first floor.

(1) (1921 – 2003) Uruguayan architect and urban planner, restorer of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Thanks to his intervention, the district earned the distinction of World Heritage Site, by UNESCO in 1955. For this reason he was designated Honorable Citizen of this city.